(Video) This Pug LOVES Bacon. Now Watch Her Eyes Light Up When Dad Gives Her a Piece…

bacon pug


Let's face it. You can never taste and/or eat too much bacon!

Okay, that is a fun thought but, honestly, you can. Most bacon contains a goodly amount of fat and we need to be careful. Still, as an occasional treat with your eggs and toast in the morning or a scrumptious BLT — why not? And, if we like bacon you just know our pets will feel the same way! Especially, the dog!

We can say, with a great amount of authority, that our pup – Max – absolutely adores bacon and cannot get enough of it. As a matter of fact, just the sizzle of the bacon in a pan is enough to drive him off the bed or out of the backyard to see if we are giving away samples.

Can you blame him? It smells and tastes so good!

We have another authority over on the next page. This cutie of a pug is given some small pieces of bacon and you can just tell by the wide eyes and “gimme more!” attitude he is hooked! It is both precious and hilarious so go check him out!

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