(Video) This Tiny Pug Pup Adores His Bed. Now See Just How In Love He Is…

puppy bed

Bedtime has got to be one of the best times ever! Nothing beats getting to your bed and settling down for some sweet dreams. A comfy bed really makes all the difference when it comes to a good night's rest…or a mid-morning nap! And you know how it is once you lay down to take a nap. It's SO hard to get up! LOL!

In any case, this Pug puppy is a big fan of his new bed. When you see just how excited he gets?! You won't believe your eyes!

He is one adorable pup. You're definitely going to want to snuggle up next to him at bed time! LOL! You can't miss this loving pup go crazy over his new bed!

Watch how this tiny Pug puppy shows the camera how much he absolutely loves his new bed on the next page!

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