(VIDEO) Watch How These Pugs Freak Out When Dad Leaves the Car and Scream!

pug staying out of other pug's way

When a Pug is strongly attached to their parent, sometimes it's difficult if their parent has to leave them, even if it's only for a few minutes. It's true that Pugs act like children, but that's just because they have so much love for their humans.

The truth is most Pugs are extremely dependent on their mom and dad and can't deal with they're left anywhere, even if it's in the car (with another human) just for a moment.

That's exactly how two Pugs feel when their dad temporarily leaves the car. You'd think they'd be just fine knowing that mom is with them, but that is NOT the case. Captured on video (which you have to check out at the end), how these Pugs react to their dad's untimely departure is something you can't miss.

It begins like this: Two pugs are enjoying a nice relaxing car ride on their mom’s lap. They look comfy and happy even though they have that inquisitive look on their face, no doubt wondering where they are going. 

pugs on their mom's lap

However, this peaceful, fun loving ride doesn't last very long. These puggies are much too smart and know that their humans are up to something!

Hold onto your Pugs, because you'll be in shock when you see what happens next!

Don't forget to watch how the Pugs really freak out on the video at the end; I can't believe just how upset these Pugs got when dad left! 

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