(Video) We Can’t Get Enough of This Adorable Frenchie Who is Having the Time of His Life Chasing… Bubbles!


You can always tell a well-adjusted pooch by the way he can play with the simplest of things and make them fun.

Sure, a dog will have a favorite toy, whether it be a torn-up stuffed giraffe or a plastic soda bottle, but when they can look at something new – feel the wonder and joy and want to play with it – that shows spunk and flexibility!

Yet, there may be times when they become a little too wrapped up in their new play toy!

On the next page, we see a truly inspired French Bulldog who has been introduced to the wonder of bubbles! He loves this new toy but is suddenly at a loss when something unexpected happens!

Will he come back from the trauma? Turn the page and take a look. Hopefully, his therapy will not be too long or expensive!

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