(Video) When a Pug Goes to the Bathroom in the Snow Watch What Happens…


Living in Southern California for most of our lives, we and our pooch never really had to worry about bad weather when it came to running outside and, well, relieving ourselves. More specifically, my dog, Max. Even in the winter, while it is chilly, there is little to worry about; No frost bite or fear of a wind chill factor.

However, we have recently moved east and into an apartment. We needed the change of pace. But along with that comes real Winter. The type with rain, ice, snow and cold weather.

Fortunately, it has been relatively mild here so far but in other parts of the country, it has been a bit more bitter, weather wise.

After the break go over and check out Chloe the pug. She really needs to go outside and pee but weather conditions are not exactly favorable. What’s a pug to do?

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