(Video) Puppy Gets Introduced to a Giant Dog. What Happens Next? I’m Melting!

Puppy and Big Dog

You would think, upon a first introduction, that a puppy may feel a little taken aback by a bigger dog. Even when that large mass of canine is laying down he’s still pretty darn big!

But the little French Bulldog over on the next page has no such qualms. Call it innocence but she is not having any of this “he’s too big for you” nonsense tossed in her face! It’s another doggy and she is going to play!

And this is exactly what they do! The bigger dog, you will notice, stays at the small pup’s level and while we do not think he is exactly loving every minute of “playtime” we do appreciate that he tries to interact with the puppy and does not clamp down on any urge to bite or claw.

Why would he? The puppy is so cute! Go take a look at this terrific twosome!

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