[VIDEO] When a Pug Puppy is Introduced to a Hamster He’s Not Sure How to React… LOL!

pug puppy and hamster

Everyone encounters something or someone they're not sure how to handle. It's an awkward situation that you feel you must get out of straight away! If you've heard the expression “fight or flight” then you understand when faced with a decision, many choose to stick it out or flee for their safety.

When a sweet pug puppy gets introduced to a dwarf hamster, he's not sure what to do. At first, the hamster seems harmless enough. But soon after when the puppy's mom allows the hamster to be on the loose on the couch, the pup decides he doesn't want to have a part in this meeting. LOL!

So what does he do? He tries to escape! The poor pug cannot get away from this hamster fast enough. The only problem is the hamster continues to follow him!

Find out what happens to this scared pug puppy after the break. Will he and the hamster become friends?!

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