[VIDEO] Husky Puppies Melt Hearts as They Play in a Doggy Winter Wonderland

doggy winter wonderland

Get ready to squeal with delight at the sight of these fluffy Husky pups!

You'll love watching them play with their toys and fall asleep on their presents. It looks like the Santa hat Husky is really enjoying his squeaky toys! The little pup in the antlers can't get enough of the wonderful Winter Wonderland he's frolicking in!

These two little guys are working hard to make sure those presents are puppy approved to give out this Christmas.

Check out their floppy ears and watch their little tails shake as they play with their stockings and try and catch the ribbons floating in the air.

You'll fall in love with these two and their adventure in their very own Winter Wonderland!

Watch these two cute dogs as they play in their Winter Wonderland on the second page. 

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