(VIDEO) When This Baby and Pug’s Parents Put on an Adele Song… You’ll Never Guess How the Two Respond!

Baby and Pug

We have said it before. There is nothing cuter than a dog and baby together. And it is all the sweeter when the two bond over music!

Adele is very special musically, and obviously, we are not the only ones who think so! Look at this adorable and talented twosome who want nothing more than to hang out, listen to her latest CD or MP3, and enjoy those sweet vibes!

At one point we can hear Daddy telling the two to kiss but who has time for such silliness when Adele’s music is telling them to dance!? There will be time for smoochies later!

For now, after the break, take a look at this charming video on page two, and know the love that is Adele, a baby… and a truly patient and sweet Pug!

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