[VIDEO] You’ll Won’t Believe the Tricks This Darling Yorkie Can Do…

Misa the Yorkie doing tricks

Get ready to meet one of the most intelligent pups on the internet. Misa the Yorkie is one smart and well-trained pooch!

This darling Yorkie has a few tricks of her own she can show off to you. If you thought you could only teach dogs how to sit and stay, you're wrong!

Watch Misa throw her trash away, push her shopping cart, ride her little red car and even lick on command! She's amazing and does it all looking very cute!

Misa got trained with lots of patience, treats and love by her owner and you can tell she is one happy pup. What a cutie!

Be amazed by Misa and her awesome tricks — you'll see what I mean when you watch the video on the next page!

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