[VIDEO] This Pug Dancing to Music Will Make You Laugh and Then Laugh Some More!

pug dancing

You think you can boogie on the dance floor like a pro?

After watching this video, you'll think twice! I don't believe you have the same dancing skills of this cute Pug named Fred. He is one talented pooch!

Fred is just too entertaining to watch! Even though he's taking an afternoon snooze, this doggy simply can't resist getting his twerk on when his favorite song comes on.

You'll want to take a listen to Fred's playlists and take some notes cuz he's got great music taste too! Just watch how he moves those short legs. LOL! What a funny Pug. I bet you won't be able to match his rhythm and impressive style.

To learn a thing or two about style and dance, check out Fred's music video on the next page.

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