(VIDEO) French Bulldog Gets a Massage and it Really Hits the Spot – LOL!

Frenchie getting a massage

To quote the never impassive Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners: “Oh, how sweet it is!”

Everyone likes a good massage, It relaxes the muscles and makes a person’s inner being come shining through. And it really feels good besides that!

A French Bulldog is no different. He loves when his master’s fingers do the walking; rubbing his shoulders, back, legs and neck. You can hear him grunt. Oh yeah, that is hitting the spot!

His expression, attitude, and sweet charm are only three reasons to go to page two and see this marvelous video featuring a cuter than cute French Bulldog, who loves to be fussed over.

When it’s over you just know he’s expecting for the same treatment tomorrow morning!

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