[VIDEO] Zeus and Rambo do Tricks for Treats and Look Adorable While Doing so!

Pugs Zeus and Rambo

Brothers Zeus and Rambo are not only trick masters, they are absolutely adorable.

This video starts out with their dad being funny with their stuffed animal squeaker toy. He talks with the toy and then ushers the Pugs into the room. Then, while using the squeaker toy, he asks them to do certain commands.

These darling Pugs entertain us by sitting, laying down, and also going “up” to retrieve their snacks after they're finished doing their tricks.

But even though it's impressive how they listen to their dad's commands, what really holds our attention is their precious doggy faces. As they stare up at the camera, you want to give them everything their heart desires. They are that cute!

Watch all of the Bulldog and Pug cuteness unfold on the second page.

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