(Video) This Baby and Doggy Compilation is So Touching. These Pups Have Found a BFF for Life!

doggy and baby

If you're having a rough day or need some cheering up, it's a proven fact that interacting with either a baby or a puppy will turn that frown upside down.

So, when you add the innocence and adorableness of babies to the love and cuteness of dogs, the result is too much to handle!

Many parents are concerned about introducing their fragile newborn child to their furbaby. Just as with human siblings, there can be jealousy from the attention and care the baby gets.

However, this video compiles all of the success stories from that interaction. I'm so glad they were caught on camera because you might not believe some of them otherwise!

Take a look at how dogs care for their new human siblings by clicking to the next page! Your heart will melt!

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