What it’s Really Like Living With a Velcro Dog, Otherwise Known as a Pug!

You really want a Pug and perhaps you have wanted one or years. They're super cute, with those squishy faces and adorable bodies. You can't help but squeal with delight every time you see someone walking a Pug down the street.

Or perhaps you already own one and wish you would have known the realities of owning a Pug beforehand (even though you wouldn't trade your Pug for anything). You of all people know what it's like having a Pug!

Whether you want a Pug or have one in your household already, here's what it really is like to live with a Pug, illustrated by Gemma Gene.

This talented artist loves to draw her Pug Mochi and her adoration for him is very apparent as you check out her entertaining illustrations. Plus, her illustrations are cute and adorable! They definitely capture the essence as to how it's like to live with a Pug.

Ater the break get ready to laugh because what you're about to see is so true!

If you already live with a Pug (or Pugs), see if you can relate. And if you're considering getting a Pug, this will show you a little bit of reality as to what it'll be like! LOL! 

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