You Can Count on Sergeant Pugsley to Save the Day — He’s a Trained Sniper Pug!

sniper pug

Oh no! What's one to do when a bad guy plants a dirty bomb?! You look to Sergeant Pugsley, of course! This pug just isn't a pug by any means. He's a trained sniper, and he's a good one at that!

When the snipers align one of the men actually has the nerve to question this trained pug — how dare he?! However, soon Pugsley proves he's more than just “a dog” by doing what none of the snipers save one thinks he can do: save the day!

While the men are busy taking out some of the bad guys below, Sergeant Pugsley is keeping watch on top. But wait — all of a sudden the snipers are surrounded! Just how will this smart pug sniper respond?!

Watch and see how Sergeant Pugsley saves the day after the break. He's a maverick, that one!

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