When a Dad Wakes Up His Pug Puppies For Doggy Class, You’ll Never Guess Their Reaction — So Cute!

pugs wake up call

You know how it is waking up when you're fast asleep. You try to do everything possible to stay asleep for as long as possible. After all, you need your beauty rest!

Puppies, in particular, need a lot of rest when they're young because they're growing. In today's video three very cute pugs are sleeping soundly when their dad wakes them up for doggy obedience class. Even though I'm sure they've already had plenty of rest, they're still not eager to wake up.

Next a ton of cuteness ensues. One pug puppy, in particular, is having a hard time waking up. So much in fact that she begins to whine and make loud noises! It's as if she's saying to her dad, “Do I really have to get up?!”

You have to admit these puppies are super adorable, both when they're awake and sleeping.

Find out if dad successfully gets these puppies to budge and wake up after the break!

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