You’ll Crack up When You See How This Dog Tries to Stop His Dad From Going Kayaking… LOL!

determined dog

When a dog has a bad feeling about something, how does he usually react? He tries to protect you of course. Well, most dogs do that is. Not every dog feels the need to protect his owner, but most do and sometimes how they react is too funny!

Take a doggy who does not want his dad going kayaking, for example. When his dad begins to paddle out onto the lake, the dog panics and begins to pull the kayak with his dad in it back to the shore. At first the dad doesn't know what's going on. Then he figures out that it's his pooch that thinks he shouldn't go!

And so a game of tug-a-war ensues. Just who will win?! With this dog's determination, I don't this dad is going anywhere! LOL!

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