This Adorable French Bulldog Puppy Will Melt You With Just One Look – I Promise!

Frenchie puppy

Bringing a new puppy home is bound to lead to a lot of fun and giggles. There's so much for a small pooch to explore when he's in a new home with new surroundings.

As this baby pug explores, he's much fun to watch, especially when he figures out how things work in his new home and how things smell! LOL!

Well, these new French Bulldog owners decided to document their puppy's first experiences in his new home. You get to enjoy so much cuteness from this curious and adorable Frenchie — who isn't afraid to explore every corner of his new human's home.

He even meets his sibling doggy too! You'll be overwhelmed with adorable moments that thankfully for us were all caught on camera!

Watch how this Frenchie makes himself right at home with his new owners after the break! He's so adorable and after you watch him roam around, you'll want a cute Frenchie too!

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