11 Pugs Who Can’t Wait for Halloween to be Over


When thinking of Halloween what comes to mind? Most likely you think of costumes and candy, right? Oh, and let's not forget a fun Halloween bash to go to. It's so much fun seeing how everyone dresses up!

Not only is a blast to dress up in a favorite costume, you also undoubtedly have a great time dressing up your Pug too. After all, your Pug can be to Robin to your Batman costume!

Well, you'll love the Puggie costumes you're about to see. Even though these Pugs aren't that pleased to be dressed up (can Halloween just be over ASAP please?!) they sure look cute!

And who knows… maybe the Pugs actually like their costumes but are keeping it to themselves. Ha ha.

Select which pug costume is your favorite on the next page and get ready to LOL as you check out the expressions on some of these doggies faces. They just want Halloween to be over stat! 

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