(Video) Listen to a Baby Pug Bark for the First Time. How Adorable the Sound Is? AWW!


We have been around puppies of all types for a long time but there is nothing quite as cute as hearing a little pup’s bark or growl for the first time in its young life! It's just too precious and you find yourself going “Aww!”

The tiny canine seems just as surprised that they are emitting sound as we are — and it is so sweet!

“Hey!” It seems to say, “Who knew I could do that?”

So, what comes next? The Westminster Dog Show? Maybe not that soon but it is so nice to see and hear the Pug pup in the video on page two give it his all!

So please, after the break, go on over to the next page and listen for the cute baby pug bark. It is simply adorable!

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