7 Pictures That Prove That the Bigger the Doggy… the Better!

tiny dog on big dog

In our family, living in a rural area when we were kids, we were brought up with big dogs. We still recall how, when very young, our Dad brought home German Shepherds and even a baby Saint Bernard puppy!

Sadly, our Saint Bernard was stolen from our yard and we were never able to locate him again, but our Shepherds were a mainstay and wonderfully protective big dogs!

However, there are those dogs that are big and rather forget that fact occasionally! Not once but a few times we recall going over to a friend’s house and having her ginormous Great Dane plop down next to us on the floor, with huge legs and paws stretched over our lap!

He was a sweetheart so we could hardly be angry with him. As a matter of fact, it was incredibly sweet!

On the next page, we offer you wonderful photos of big pooches that prove, in many different ways, that the bigger the doggy the better!

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