12 Signs That’ll Confirm Just How Pug Crazy You Are…

happy pug

Admit it. You're crazy about Pugs. Not just sort of crazy but REALLY crazy. Like you can't live without them crazy. That's okay though because you're among some Pug crazies who understand.

If you are really the Pug obsessed person that you claim to be, then you'll have no issue identifying with the following signs. Don't worry, just because you're a tad crazy over your fur children doesn't mean you need to see a doctor. It just means you are crazy about the doggies that mean the most! They sure are worth it, aren't they?!

After all, a healthy obsession is just fine, especially if it's Pugs. I mean, look at those adorable Puggy faces. With a Pug's smooshed face, curly tails, and adorable big eyes, it's hard not to fall in love with a Pug or two (or let's be real — ALL OF THEM).

Next, read 12 signs that'll confirm that you are indeed a Pug crazed person. There's no need to be ashamed — stand proud and hold your Pugs close!

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