3 Steps Someone Must Take if They Decide to Rehome Their Pooch


Here are three thoughts and ideas, as difficult as they are, on how to rehome your beloved pet. They may go a long way in making you feel better about a truly tough choice!

Get vet references
I hate to break it to you, but people lie, and sometimes the only way to fully vet them is to talk to their vet. I know, bad pun, but it’s true! We’ve all had that friend who asks for a work reference, and even though we agree out of obligation, inside we are dying because the friend isn’t exactly responsible.

But, vets can tell you a lot if the potential adopter let’s them — and if they don’t, RED FLAG! A vet can tell you if their other pets receive routine care, and what lengths they go to when a pet falls ill. If a person doesn’t get their pets regular vet care, or they put a dog to sleep because of an easily treatable condition, then their dedication (or lack thereof) likely does not meet your expectations.

Do a trial weekend
Have you ever had an idea in your head, one that didn’t work in reality? The same thing can happen when rehoming a pet, for either family. You may think you’ve found a great fit, but then the situation begins to look a bit different. Maybe the dog you are trying to rehome barks more than the new family can handle, or the meshing with other furry family members doesn’t go well.

During the first trial weekend for my Pug with a potential family, he was nearly attacked by their much larger dog, who had seemed to like him when they first met. I was thankful that neither I nor the new family had committed to a permanent situation, and I never forgot that moving forward.

Ask about future involvement
I was blessed that the family I had chosen was open to me continuing to be a part of my Pug’s life. I understood that by rehoming I was relinquishing my rights, but thankfully they always stood by the agreement that we made: that I could visit and would always be kept updated. Even though my Pug no longer lived with me, I was still able to be a part of his life. Sure, any situation has the possibility to sour over time, but the best way to avoid conflict and hurt feelings in a very delicate situation is to make sure everyone starts on the same page.

Again, it is a painful thing for us to have to do but there are times when giving away you best friend means kindness! The author of this story was going through some serious personal problems and keeping her pooch with her would have been cruel. As it is we commend her courage!

There are more steps to take to rehome your pooch and you can find them on Dogster.

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