4 Awesome Pug Tattoos We All Want Right Now!

pug tattoo

People have been getting creative tattoos for all sorts of reasons for years. Sometimes they are just for fun and sometimes they can be more serious. However, they are all a wonderful work of art. These five pug tattoos really show off people's love for pugs. They might even make you be inspired to get one of your very own!

pug tattoo

via Unicorn pug by Serena Frizzera / Tattoodo

pug tattoo

via Heart pug by Sam Whitehead via Instagram @samwhiteheadtattoos

pug tattoo

via Pug donut tattoo by Christina Hock via Instagram @xinaxiii

pug popcorn tattoo

via Popcorn pug tattoo by Meri

As you can see, all of these pug tattoos are fantastic. They are colorful, cute, silly and definitely fun just like pugs are. You might want to get one like this or something completely new. Whatever you decide, there is no denying that getting a pug tattoo might just be a really great idea.

To see even more pug tattoos, you can go to Tattoodo.

Featured Image via Unicorn pug by Serena Frizzera / Tattoodo

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