4 Incredible Yet Surprising Ways a Dog Says “I Love You”


Our dogs are a part of our family. We love showing them affection, and in return, they have a lot of love to give to us to return. It's a joy to play, cuddle, pet, and give them treats. We even get to tell our dogs that we love them.

However, since a dog verbally can't say “I love you,” sometimes it's hard knowing when they're trying to convey that.

If you have ever wished that your pooch could tell you that he loves you, you're not alone. Many of us wish a fur baby could say those precious words! However, you may be amazed to discover that a pup may already be telling you that he loves you in his own special way.

A pooch shows his human how he feels about them in different ways and if you pay attention you won't be able to miss the clear signs.

After you discover how your fur baby is saying “I love you,” you'll likely bond with your pooch even more! Recognizing the ways your doggy shows you love is a special thing.

To find out the surprising ways a doggy is saying “I love you,” check out the slides after the break. 

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