5 Dog Breeds That Require Extra Love and Attention But Are More Than Worth It



Of course, we want our doggies to love and miss us when we are away. When we return we dearly love seeing their happy, content faces – along with some jumping and panting – when they see us. It is all a part of being a pup parent and we take it all in our stride.

Yet, there are some breeds out there that require a little more from us than a simply “Hello there!” and pat on their head. They need all the cuddles and attention we can give and even more! You can call is separation anxiety or simply a really needy pooch. But really, when all is said and done, they are worth all the loving we can give.

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Remember, when all the chips are down, when things look their bleakest, your doggie will always be there for you to hold, pamper and love!

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