5 Dog Truths That in Reality Are Very… False

pug eating apple


We may never really know what a dog likes, dislikes or feels in general unless they can tell us. Still, we have cues. A wagging tail generally lets us know that the pup is either happy or anxious and if he looks up at us contentedly after we feed him a favorite treat he is saying “thank you”.

Yet, it is the dog tales – the absolute assurances – that have come down over the years that give us pause. For instance, we’ve been told a dog’s cold wet nose is the perfect way to know that he’s healthy. Is it true? Some say that has very little to do with doggy health!

Are there other false truths out there regarding our best friend? If he could speak we bet Fido would give us an ear full!

After the break go over to the next page and we will give you five (5) doggy truths that really are not at all true! Some of these are going to surprise the kibble out of you!

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