5 Out of This World Amazing Things You Can Do With Fido This Summer

summer pug by the pool

Winter has left us far behind and Spring this year, for most states, was unusually chilly too! Now that the good weather has finally arrived, show your doggie a good time. There are so many things you can do together to bond and have fun in the sun! Here are five examples:

Hit the beach …
Unlike humans who fret over tan lines and pudgy tummies, canines enjoy a day in the surf. Watch your pup bounce down the beach like a Baywatch beauty, saving all the sticks from drowning. Sprinting in the sand is a great workout for pooches carrying extra pounds — twice as fun as a regular run, and it burns more calories.

Dip your feet and paws in the pool …
You may prefer to lounge poolside with your pup. Chlorinated water won’t leave your dog smelling like Eau de Seaweed, and you won’t have to spend hours removing sand from your car and furry friend.

Don’t chase the ice cream truck …
Ice cream cones may be a summer memory from childhood but not one you’ll want to replicate for your dog. They’re full of tummy-troubling lactose and refined sugar. Instead of running after that annoyingly musical vehicle, maybe you and your dog could have some frozen berries and chase each other.

Head out for a hike …
Some dogs are more ambitious than others when it comes to outdoor adventures. One might be ready to head out into the wild wearing his own backpack, while another would prefer to ride in a backpack.

Bask in the glory of air conditioning …
If you’ve got AC at home, consider yourself one lucky dog. If you don’t, buckle up your pooch, and go for a ride in a car that does. Perhaps it’s time to stock up at the (coincidentally air-conditioned) pet store.

While the last idea of air conditioning isn’t exactly “fun,” it certainly goes a long way in keeping your pooch content. No dog likes feeling hot and with all that extra added fur you can just imagine how uncomfortable the poor thing is!

There are more summertime things you can do with your dog. Go to Dogster to get some more ideas!

Our pups are only with us for so long so keep them happy!

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