(VIDEO) This Dog Runs Around and Rides Elevators in the Hospital on Her Own. The Reason Why Will Make You Cry.

dog rides elevators

When you think of a hospital, imagining a puppy running around on her own isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Hospitals are usually clean places that help people heal with medicine. However, one puppy helps special people heal with love and cuddles.

You'll meet one adorable Teacup Poodle in this short video who proudly works at her local hospital. How she helps people and makes her rounds will astound you!

We're not lying when we say that she runs the hospital on her own! LOL! Listen to her story and learn how she is helping many people at the hospital and brings a smile to their faces.

This Teacup Poodle is left to run around the hospital on her own and take the elevator to visit different floors and after you find out why, it will make you cry!

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