Aww… 3 Shelter Dogs Want to Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day in the Sweetest Way

dog on Valentine's Day

Worried that you might not have a Valentine this year? Feeling a little lonely? With all the love floating around in the air, you can easily fall into a Valentine slump. Don't be sad!

Doggies are always ready to give you some unconditional love any day of the year. Take it from some happy shelter dogs. These three adorable pups are here to make you smile this Valentine's Day!

Watch them reveal their special message to you during this wonderful season of love! After this video, you'll find it very hard to feel sad or lonely during this holiday! Who needs a love interest when doggies can provide you with some love?

It's time to have a Happy Valentine's Day!

You'll love how these sweet shelter doggies wish you a happy Valentine's day. Watch the video after the break!

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