Batman the Pug is SO excited for Dinner — Yummy!

Have you ever been SO hungry that you feel like you're starving? That's how one little Pug feels and he's not afraid to show it! When Batman the Pug's bigger dog siblings get fed before him, he's NOT happy about it. So what does he do?! He throws a tizzy on the sofa and it's the funniest thing ever!

Batman runs back and forth on the sofa, all the while barking (or shall I say squealing) for his food. His bark is high pitched and loud because he wants to be heard! It's understandable that he feels like he has to make up for his size, especially since one of his brothers looks like a giant dog! LOL!

This Pug sure has a lot of spunk! Thankfully a few minutes later he gets fed. Good thing too, because I don't think he could have waited one minute longer!

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