We’re Dying Over This Sleepy Puppy That Falls Asleep on a Baby, Especially at 01:48!

If there's one thing that's precious, it's the interaction between a puppy and a baby. Even at a young age, most puppies know how to act around babies. They understand they need to cautious and tread lightly, even though they are babies too.

That's certainly the case when a small puppy stands guard by her little human brother. The baby is already sleeping, and the puppy is trying to fight off her sleep. It's as if she's saying: “Must. protect. baby. human.” At first she succeeds in carefully looking after the sleeping baby, but soon after she realizes she can't stay awake for long.

What happens next is one of those moments you wish you could replay over and over again. After the sweet puppy tries to find the perfect position to lay down, she decides to lay her head down on her baby brother. And let me tell you — it's the sweetest sight EVER.

Watch how the puppy falls asleep on his baby brother in what could easily be the cutest moment in the history of all puppies and baby interactions after the break. Trust me, you have to see this. 

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