Dog Alerts His Human There’s Something Wrong and in the Process Saves Neighbor From a House Fire

If you ask Ginger the dog’s family, they will say she is a hero. And why not? She alerted them to deathly danger!

“I’ll never yell at you again for barking at night,” Carolyn Colangelo said to Ginger, the family dog.


via (WBZ-TV)

Ginger barking at someone yelling outside, woke-up the Colangelos. The yells were about a fire at the home next door in New Bedford.

Ginger's owner

via Carl Colangelo (WBZ-TV)

“I saw flames coming out of the roof. I knew I had to get here,” said Carl Colangelo.
He ran out the door.

“He yelled at us words we’ll never forget , ‘Oh my God. My mother’s house is on fire,’” said Carolyn.

Carl’s mother, eighty-three-year-old Gertrude, had a stroke and he found her on the bathroom floor. It was a risk, fire fighters later said, but he knew what he had to do. And so did Ginger, their dog. If it was not for her the family might never have known Grandma was in such jeopardy!

Thankfully all turned out well and Grandma is safe. Investigators are currently looking into the cause of the house-fire. And Ginger… is safe, at home, and we think she knows she did well!

Thanks to CBS Boston for this news story!

Featured Image via (WBZ-TV) / CBS Boston

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