Handsome Hipster and Aussiedoodle Are Killing it by Dressing Alike and Everyone’s Eating it Up!


We all love a good doggy and owner duo. We love them even more if they dress up in cute outfits and post pictures on social media all day!

Slap on a hunky hipster and a scruffy pup, and you've got a winning combo! LOL! The latest internet sensation comes in the form of a doggy and his dad.

What makes them stand out? Well, you've got a handsome hipster paired with a cute pooch that looks EXACTLY like him! It's the cutest thing ever!

These two make quite the commotion online with their matching outfits and adorable photos. You should give them a follow! You're about to fall in love!

Check out this Aussiedoodle and his handsome daddy doppelganger on the next page!

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