Hospital Does Not Allow Pets So Man Sneaks His Dog Inside the Hospital So She Can Say Goodbye to Dying Owner

dog in suitcase

More than ever before, thanks to the internet and other resources, we hear truly heart-warming stories about pet parents and their fur-children.

They can encompass anything from dogs being lost during a move, suddenly to appear at the new home of their delighted owners, to the poor pet being thought dead and during burial suddenly arises as if nothing has happened, again to the delight – and slightly creeped out – of their families!

However, there really is nothing more tear-worthy or heart pulling than the story of a loving dog owner, preparing for death, who has a last wish to see her beloved pooch.

Many hospitals do not allow animals inside, particularly in wards where the patients are on life support. However, this woman’s husband could not watch his wife pass without giving in to her wish.

The couple’s dog is a 50-pound Australian shepherd. The man concocted the idea of hiding him inside a large suitcase, pass by the hospital staff, and bring him to her room. Naturally enough, he was frightened but knew he had to give it a try.

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