How to Prep for a Doggy Photo Session and Have a Blast with Fido too!

pug smiling photoshoot

Your doggy will look great in his photos if you follow these simple steps! Plus, you're going to have a wonderful time as you spend time with your pooch while he poses for the camera!

Here are our top tips on how to prepare for a pet photo session!

To ensure your dog is calm and relaxed, take your dog on a good walk before the photo session, especially if they are high energy.

Be sure to bring special treats to reward your dog and maybe to help encourage them into a really great picture.

If your dog is a big toy lover (the squeakier the better!) then be sure to bring their favorite toy along – or if they are not into toys, but have a favorite blanket or sweater, bring them along too.

Definitely take some time to brush/groom your dog so they look nice and presentable for the photos, but don’t forget about yourself.

Let your photographer know ahead of time if your dog has anxieties or special needs.

Now that you have an idea about what to expect and how to prepare, your doggy's photo shoot will be a huge success! Get ready to share some awesome shots of your pooch and who knows, he might just be the next big Instagram star! LOL!

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