(Video) Watch How Some Roly Poly Pug Puppies Get a Belly Rub With a… Toothbrush?!

pug puppy belly rub toothbrush

If you ever watch small children, they accept the good and pleasurable things so easily. They giggle, snort and express themselves without measure. We can see it on their faces and body language.

The same can be said for puppies!

Watch them. They run and jump and wriggle. AND when they are given the gratification of a pat on the back or a scratch behind the ears, they express their joy! Obviously, mommy and Daddy love them!

After the break, go check out the next page and watch two adorable, pleasure-loving puppies being given belly rubs with soft bristled tooth-brushes.

You can practically hear them say: “Don’t stop!” They are not just pleased and wanting more — but are in Heaven!

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