[VIDEO] How This Pug Mom is With Her Newborn Pups is Truly Heartwarming

pug puppies

When puppies are born it's truly a miracle to witness and even more of a miracle to watch the mother take care of her pups. The way the mom gingerly carries her babies and nurses them is just a reminder of how precious life is and that from a very young age puppies are loved and cherished.

In today's video, you get to meet a very special pug named Lilly who just gave birth to seven puppies. Lilly didn't have enough milk to feed her newborn pups on the first day so her family helped her out by bottle feeding her pups.

Even though Lilly couldn't feed her pups you'll love watching her as she made her way to all of them as they were being fed. It's the sweetest thing ever and so heartwarming!

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