Pomeranian Puppy Finds Her Inner Wolf, and it’s The Cutest Thing!

Pomeranian puppy

I'm sure that most dogs silently look up to wolves and their wild ways. They wish they could go out hunting with them and be a part of the pack. They sure aren't afraid to mimic their howling noises.

That's exactly what this Pomeranian puppy did when she heard some wolves howling at the moon. All of a sudden she found her inner wolf! LOL!

She doesn't care that she's tiny and young because she feels as wild and free as a wolf! Just watch and listen to her! She'll amaze you with how loud she can get!

Way to go to this adorable Pom! You won't be able to resist her — just listen to her ferocious howl!!

If you want to hear this cute Pomeranian puppy give her best shot at mimicking a wolf howl, watch the video on the next page!

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