Pugs Freak Out When Dad Leaves the Car and… Scream?!

pug staying out of other pug's way

Soon after the pug REALLY starts to freak out…

She screams non-stop, demanding her dad come back to the car this instant! She can't take much more of this! 

pug lets loose

pug screaming

After a few more minutes of freaking out, the mom caves in and lets the freaking out pug go. She jumps over to the other seat and begins to claw at the car door. “Where the heck is dad?!” she seems to be barking out and screaming. 

pug scratching door

It's then that the quiet little sister finally decides to chime in and begins to whine loudly while her sister is screaming loudly. Will they ever calm down?!

Find out if these pugs FINALLY calm down after the break and stop whining and screaming. I was surprised how this video ended!

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