(VIDEO) Watch a Newborn Pom’s First 14 Days on Earth. What a Miracle of Life!

baby Pom

Life can be so magical sometimes. Time can fly by and before you know it, you're older and wiser. However, it's nice to stop and witness the miracle of life for yourself! If you've had a baby then you no doubt know how amazing having a newborn baby is!

Today, you'll get the chance to appreciate the miracle of life by witnessing the life of a tiny doggie. This baby Pomeranian's first 14 days of life were caught on camera. Every moment is as magical as the last! You get to see him grow and greet the world!

You won't believe how much a doggy can change and grow within the first two weeks of its life. If you have never seen it up close before, then this video will give you a good idea!

Watch how this baby Pomeranian grows in the first two weeks of his life on this heartwarming video on the next page!

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