(Video) This Frenchie is So Pooped Out, Nothing Can Wake Him. How He’s Sleeping? I’m Splitting a Gut This is So Comical!

nap time

You never know what you'll be doing when a nap can overcome you. LOL! You might be sitting in the silliest position and fall asleep without realizing it. Those naps always tend to be the most satisfying, right?! This pooch certainly agrees! LOL!

His owner finds him taking a nap in the silliest position. There seems to be nothing that is going to wake this slumbering pup. He is all tuckered out! You can definitely tell by the way he's sleeping.

We seriously can't stop laughing at this comfortable pooch! LOL! You really need to see this for yourself! We dare you not to laugh!

Watch how this napping Frenchie decides to snooze his afternoon away on the video on the next page!

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