Baby Pug Tries to Steal the Show by Doing This – Soo Cute!

baby pug

Aww! Puppies are some of the cutest animals, right? They're so tiny and curious!

Well, get ready to fall totally in love with this tiny pug on today's video! He is one charismatic little fur person! LOL!

Take a look at how he hogs the camera to show off how cute he is. He might as well have his own talk show! This little pug doesn't want the camera's attention on anyone else. You can't blame him either; he really knows how to captivate his audience.

As you watch this pug on the video on the next page, you be the judge and decide how adorable this little guy pug is! I guarantee you'll find him irresistibly charming once you see what he can do!

Watch how this baby pug steals the show on the next page.

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