Rescue Pup Was Terrified of Everything, Until He Got a Baby Brother

doggy BFF's

Adopting a dog can be a hit or miss situation. As much as we want to believe that every dog a family adopts will love them and will adapt to their surroundings, they all have individual personalities. And honestly, we do not know what their young lives were like before they were brought home to their know forever home.

Jasper was such a dog. When he was brought home he was pretty much afraid of everything including sounds, dog walks, and new people.

The family thought over time he would get used to his new world but it was very slow going. Then one day Jasper’s Dad decided that fostering another dog, a puppy, might turn Jasper around. If Jasper could see how happy another pooch was in their home it might cause the nervous pooch to feel more at ease.

Enter cute Ernie, a sweet pit bull puppy, who was decidedly more open than Jasper. How did their friendship develop? Did Jasper finally come out of his shell? Go to the next page and find out!

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