(VIDEO) This Puppy is Stalking His Prey. When You See What He’s After? Too Funny!

puppy stalker

Doggies love to play pretend as much as humans do. Especially since they have natural hunting instincts, some doggies like to think that they are wild beasts ready to attack! LOL! And if they're still puppies (well, let's face it, some dogs never grow up), they're all the more energetic.

Well, get a load of this playful puppy! He thinks he is a ferocious predator with his eye on his prey. However, just as he is about to attack, you see what he is after. That alone is hilarious enough!

When he finally strikes, the results are hilarious! You need to see this adorable puppy in  action. He still has a lot to learn about being a good hunter, but he is definitely off to a good start!

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