(Video) Golden Retriever Puppy Outsmarts His Older and (Sometimes) Wiser Brother. How He Does It? I’m Impressed!

goldens having fun

Having an older sibling can sometimes be fun! LOL! They don't always boss you around and tell you to behave! LOL! Sometimes, older siblings can actually be the best to play with.

That's what this Golden Retriever puppy thinks! In this adorable video, you'll witness two Goldens happily playing in the living room. As the older doggy tries to chase his little bro around the coffee table, the tiny pup finds a way to outsmart him!

You won't believe what he does to make his brother so confused! LOL! His older brother's reaction is priceless as he tries to make sense of it all! These two are adorable!

Watch and see how a puppy outsmarts his older brother on the video on the next page!

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