The Real Reason Why a Dog Tilts His Head to the Side is Astounding. I Still Can’t Believe It!

pug head tilt


A dog’s head tilt, besides being incredibly cute, actually does have a reason behind it. We always melt a little when viewing it. Immediately, we think that our pup is just curious, attempting to understand what we are talking about, thus making us “Awww!” a little in their presence.

They probably have no idea why we gush when we see it because they are merely acting out of instinct. Obviously, doggies are hearing something but what are they thinking during the head tilt?

Why are they doing it?

After the break go on over to the next page and read-up on the possible reason(s) why your dog is tilting his head from side to side.

It may not be as mysterious as it seems after the reveal – but it honestly is the most charming sight ever!

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