The Shocking Truth: Is it Harmful to Neuter or Spay Your Dog When They’re Really Young?

pug puppy

Are we harming our pets by neutering or spaying them when they're too young? The truth will shock you.

While spaying and neutering will help reduce the 2.7 million shelter pets killed every year, recent research shows that shelters and veterinarians often spay and neuter pets at such a young age that it can effect their lifespan, overall health and their behavior.

A study published in the UN National Library of Medicine found dogs spayed and neutered at less than a year of age were significantly taller than those desexed after age 1. This results in altered body proportions of certain bones relative to others.

This disproportion often results in increased stress on ligaments, which can later easily cause injury.  Also, dogs spayed or neutered younger than 24 weeks were more likely to develop infectious diseases than dogs older than 24 weeks. As for female dogs, there has been an increase in urinary incontinence in those spayed too early.

Obviously, if you decide to delay your spay and neutering of your newly adopted pup or kitty, please be responsible if they have reached sexual maturity and are able to reproduce. Make sure they are under your control at all times and don’t breed.

Who would've thought that spaying and neutering our pets at a young age could be harmful?! I was so shocked to learn how it affects a dog's proportions and body. Now you know in case you're ready to adopt a pet, to hold off on the neutering or spaying until your pet has reached the appropriate age!

For more information on this study, make sure you visit Care2.

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