(Video) This Frenchie Daddy LOVES to Play With His Pups. Now Watch How Adorable This Play Sesh Is…


If there were ever a candidate for Dog Dad of the Year, this sweet French Bulldog daddy dog would definitely get it! We typically think of momma animals being the ones who spend time with the young ones, not just feeding, bathing and generally taking care of them, but also playing with them, cuddling with them and teaching them how to hunt and other crucial survival skills.

However, this sweet video proves that daddy dogs also enjoy bonding with their offspring!

This video is one of the most adorable things we've ever seen, and has us looking at fatherhood in the animal kingdom in a whole new way!

This display of genuine affection between a dog and his pups shows that daddy dogs don't always play a hands-off role when it comes to bringing up baby!

He does seem a little skittish at first, as he tries to figure out how to play with his pups, but he warms up pretty quickly… and so do they!

To see the amazing reaction this daddy dog had to his puppies, please continue to the next page to watch the entire charming video.

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